Yousef Alvandi

Mohammad Yousef Alvandi, received his undergraduate degree in solid state physics in 2010 from IKIU, Ghazvin, Iran. He joined IUST (Iran University of Science and Technology) for his MSc course in Photonics in 2011. As his MSc thesis, he worked on numerical simulation of biosensors utilizing the Whispering Gallery Modes (WGM’s). Soon afterwards, in 2013, he attended IASBS (Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences), Zanjan, Iran as a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Hamid Reza Khalesifard and Prof. Ebrahim Karimi. His project in QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) is going to be a collaborative project between IASBS and University of Ottawa. He joined the SQO (Structural Quantum Optics) group as a visiting researcher in August, 2017. Now he is working on Fibre-QKD.



  • Selected poster at International Workshop on Structured Light and Matter: Concept and Application. September 2017, Zanjan, Iran.
  • Selected poster at 3rd Iranian Conference on Optics and Laser Engineering. September 2013, Shahin-Shahr, Iran.
  • Admired student in the academic year 2011-2012.


Yousef Alvandi,
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