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The SQO Impact Shots Policy

The publication of any works in which the SQO group has been actively involved must be amended by the following:
  • Co-authors must share an amount of shots corresponding to the impact factor of the journal in which the work was published.
  • All shots associated with a certain publication must be of the same spirit.
  • The first-listed individual of the SQO authors of a given publication must pay for the shots and attribute a spirit to the publication’s shots.
  • The shots must be taken within the two months following the acceptance of the work.
  • In the event where the work was published in a journal which, at the time, had no impact factor, the shots must be taken within two months following the release of the journal’s impact factor.
  • In the event where the work is highlighted by a media outlet or the journal itself, then the author must pay for an amount of shots corresponding to the amount of times the work has highlighted.
  • The number of shots attributed to such a scenario cannot exceed
  • Twice the impact factor for low-impact journals (Impact factor less than 20).
  • The impact factor for high-impact journals (Impact factor higher or equal to 20).