Tugrul Guner, PhD

“Understanding the Universe First” and “Engineering the Universe Second” were the two main motivations of Dr Guner when he decided to go for an academic career in Physics. Since he is a serious fan of Sci-Fi stories, he always had the dream of traveling to the stars and to the other galaxies, even to the other Universes (if it is possible of course). He is still working on various subjects hoping to find his way to make these dreams come true.

He got his BSc. degree in Physics from Bilkent University in Turkey. Then he started to study quantum mechanics foundations during his MSc. at the Physics department of Izmir Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof Durmus Ali Demir. After his graduation, he switched his subject from theory to application and started to work on the fabrication of efficient polymer based color conversion layers for white light-emitting diodes together with Prof Mustafa M Demir at the same university but in the Materials Science and Engineering department this time. 

He came to Canada in December 2018 to start his work as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS) under the supervision of Prof Aycan Yurtsever. The topic he involved during his postdoc was related to the use of Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscopy (UTEM). It is a time-resolved electron microscopy which can reveal the energy transfer mechanisms and ultrafast processes governing the light-matter interactions at the nanoscale regime. Apart from the use of UTEM, he also gained significant experience in the use of regular TEM and he applied advanced electron microscopy techniques. Since he is in love with coding, he also worked on different data processing, image processing and data analysis (mostly AI based) techniques to develop algorithms to improve our understanding and our interpretation on the collected data and also to develop microscopy automation techniques. 

Currently, Dr Guner started his second postdoctoral fellow position at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Prof Ebrahim Karimi. He is working on various topics from developing state of the art electron microscopy and microscopy techniques to implementing artificial intelligence algorithms to different quantum optics involving subjects like quantum imaging, quantum teleportation, compressed sensing, pulse shaping, etc.

Apart from his academic studies, he is extremely interested in entrepreneurship, especially in the sense of bringing high tech ideas to the commercialization level. He wants to create future technologies through building bridges between academia, industry and society. This is the way he believes we can accelerate the scientific discoveries and technological advancements for our future because he strongly believes we are stronger all together. He also loves writing stories, playing video-games and anything related to Role Playing Games and Fantastic Role Playing.


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