Tareq Jaouni

Tareq Jaouni obtained his MSc in Physics on January 2024 at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of the SQO group. In collaboration with the Artificial Science Lab group at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, he performed a theoretical investigation on the graph-theoretical representation of quantum optical graphs.  This, principally, led to the development of an interpretability tool for neural networks trained on quantum optical experiments, as well as proposing experimental solutions to the high-dimensional Mean King’s Problem.  Presently, his research is focused on the overarching application of numerical and machine learning routines in quantum- and classical optical experiments. In his oncoming PhD, he hopes to refine his interests even further in this direction.

Tareq can be found in his office, at various cafés across the Ottawa region, and – riding his bike — in rural communities that lay beyond the east end of Ottawa. Challenge him to a game of Squash, Go, or Pokémon at your peril


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