Shilong Liu, PhD

Shilong, Liu, a boy, was born in Shandong province, China. When he was a kid, he liked observing various natural phenomena and doing some simple experimental by hand. He felt in love with physics when he first meets physics in middle school.
In 2015, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics from Heilongjiang University. After that, he joined Baosen Shi’s group and started his Ph.D. studies in the Key laboratory of quantum information at the University of Science and Technology (USTC). Based on the excellent platform provided by Baosen Shi’s group, he did several interesting works in nonlinear optics and quantum optics. For example, he built the high-quality quantum frequency convertor, generated the high performable high dimensional spatial maximum entangled state, and made the classical analogy for quantum states, i.e., cat state.
In 2020, after his Ph.D. degree from USTC, he joined Zhejiang University as a postdoc in the College of Optical Science and Engineering. In this period, he focused on the manipulations of the ultra-optical solitons in a nonlinear fibre system.
Currently, Dr. Shilong is a postdoctoral fellow at Structured Quantum Optics (SQO) Group, and continues his postdoctoral research under supervision of professor Ebrahim Karimi.
Shilong’s interest includes nonlinear optics in frequency conversion, quantum optics in high dimensional quantum state architecture, also ultra laser in optical solitons.
He loves and enjoys beauty from physics. As a young experimental researcher, he likes to cooperate with colleagues around the world.


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Conference Proceedings

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