Kurdish Scholars

Despite the fact that we have excellent potential in Kurdistan for developing Science and Technology, our region lacks scientific and industrial leaders. There are numerous Kurdish scientists and leaders around the world whose experience could dramatically boost this aspect of Kurdish society. My Kurdish colleagues (including Prof. Jaffer Sheyholislami, Dr Khabat Heshami, Dr Shoresh Shafei) and I, Ebrahim Karimi (physicist specializing in quantum optics), have thought about this issue for many years and now would like to establish a concrete database of Kurdish Scholars. The main objective of the database is to create a network of Kurdish researchers that would foster collaboration and creation across the globe.  Anyone with a PhD degree (including PhD students) and highly qualified leaders can share their information via the following form. Soon, within several months, a follow-up email will be sent to those who have submitted their information. Note that all your data will be reserved and will not be distributed to a third party without your permission.

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