Kevin Mannix

Kevin Mannix has had a love for physics since high school where he competed in the ‘Physics Olympics’, a competition run by the University of British Columbia. Kevin went on to receive a B.Eng from the University of Victoria,  where he focused on wireless technologies and digital signal processing. Upon earning his degree he joined the public sector in the field of network security, which now brings him back, full circle, to physics with quantum technologies and their relation to cybersecurity. He now looks forward to joining academia with the Structural Quantum Optics (SQO) group where he will be pursuing a M.Sc in Physics at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Prof. Ebrahim Karimi.

Kevin’s interests outside of work range everywhere from rock climbing to swing dance. Though these days, he can be found primarily: playing soccer; reading a good novel; volunteering; and hiking the great outdoors, one of his favourite trips being a mountaineering excursion up Mt. Rainier.