Jordan Pagé

Jordan grew up in Québec City before his family moved to Montréal when he was 11. He obtained a Diplôme d’Études Collégiales at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent in Montréal followed by a BSc in physics with a minor in computer science at the University of Ottawa. Through the CO-OP program, he worked with Professor Jeff Lundeen studying nonlinear optical phenomena in ruby, and used inverse-design to devise a new optic patented by the group. He then completed his honours project with Professor Jacob Krich modelling intermediate-band solar-cells. Being unsure about wanting to pursue graduate studies, he joined the SQO group as a research administrative assistant in the summer of 2022.

Outside of work and school, he enjoys playing piano which he started learning at the age of 5. He has since taught himself guitar, bass, percussions, and will try every instrument he can get his hands on. He also likes being active in any way he can, with his favourite activities being volleyball, playing goalie in floor hockey, and hiking. In the winter, he can often be found skating on the canal in his spare time.


  1. Jordan T. R. Pagé, Orad Reshef, Robert W. Boyd, and Jeff S. Lundeen, “Designing high-performance propagation-compressing spaceplates using thin-film multilayer stacks,” Opt. Express 30, 2197-2205 (2022)