Hugo Larocque

Hugo Larocque is a graduate physics student at the University of Ottawa. In 2012, prior to beginning his studies, he was awarded the Faculty of Science’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship. The latter enabled him to gain experience in fiber optics research, namely in the fabrication and the use of several microfiber structures for optical sensing and other applications. He spent two more summers in the field before joining the structural quantum optics group in 2015 to work on the construct of quantum gates and algorithms based upon single photon optical angular momentum degrees of freedom. A year later, he completed his honours thesis entitled “Generation and fabrication of novel liquid crystal devices for quantum computations and communications” under the supervision of Prof. Karimi. He obtained his honours B.Sc. in physics in 2016 and received the Faculty Plaque in Physics and the Faculty of Science University Silver Medal. He began his master’s studies in the summer of the same year. His current research focuses lie within the implementation of quantum computation protocols through the use of novel and custom-made optical elements and devices. His interests also lie within the theoretical investigation of interactions between materials and twisted electron wavefunctions in order to find new ways of probing material properties or sorting and measuring an electron’s OAM content.


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Conference Proceedings 

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