Florence Grenapin

Florence is currently in the second year of the Mathematics and Physics undergraduate program. She started research in physics in the summer of 2016, before her first year at the University, as a recipient of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship. She worked in Adina Luican-Mayer’s lab for two summers, studying the characterisation of 2D materials, helping in the construction of heterostructures and building STM tips to obtain images with atomic precision. She joined the ‘Structured Quantum Optics’ group at the beginning of 2018, to work with Prof. Ebrahim Karimi on the development of quantum cryptographic protocols to transmit secure information. Aside from physics, Florence has a passion for sports, especially Judo, which she has been practicing and competing for 11 years. She also enjoys volleyball, soccer, rock climbing, badminton and chocolate.


  • Interaction-Free Ghost-Imaging of Structured Objects, Y Zhang, A Sit, F Bouchard, H Larocque, F Grenapin, E Cohen, A-C Elitzur, J L Harden, R W Boyd & E Karimi, Optics Express 27, 2212 (2019).