Dominic Mortimer

Dominic Mortimer, originally from London, England, began his undergraduate studies at the University of Ottawa in the Fall of 2014.  He originally started in the biochemistry program, but switched into an Honours BSc. with Specialization in Physics halfway through his first year.  Now in his third year, he is currently examining the dynamic effects of polarization singularities in space-varying polarized light beams under the guidance of Professor Ebrahim Karimi, through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).  Having thoroughly enjoyed his first year at the university, he elected to spend the latter half of his second year as a Residence Mentor, helping students through their first-year physics courses.  He also loves sports, namely soccer, although he is currently rehabilitating his second torn ACL and cannot play at the moment.


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  2. H Larocque, J Gagnon-Bischoff, D Mortimer, Y Zhang, F Bouchard, J Upham, V Grillo, R W Boyd & E Karimi, Generalized optical angular momentum sorter and its application to high-dimensional quantum cryptographyOptics Express 25, 19832 (2017).