Dilip Paneru

Dilip is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Physics at the university of Ottawa. He did his undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal. As a final year project, he was involved in developing a system of two coordinated football playing robots. His interest in physics started from high school and was further bolstered by participating in national and international physics olympiads. Prior to coming here, Dilip worked with Dr. Eliahu Cohen in the area of non-local correlations using weak values and weak measurements.  His current research interests include quantum foundations, quantum computing and quantum communication. Apart from these, he also likes to read on topics like artificial intelligence, robotics, and history. He is an ardent football fan, and likes to play the game sometimes in his leisure. He is also an avid reader of fiction and enjoys watching anime movies.


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