Prof Ebrahim Karimi teaches Classical Electrodynamics for graduate students and Fundamentals of Physics for undergraduate engineering students during the winter semester of 2017-2018.

Office hours for the following courses are 12:00 to 13:00 of  Tuesday and Thursday.

Classical Electrodynamics (PHY8132 – Graduate course)

Formulation of the electromagnetism theory is an essential key to our understanding of nature, such as classical optics, microwaves and electric circuits. Both electric and magnetic forces were discovered millennia ago prior to being formulated by Coulomb and Bio-Savart. However, Maxwell showed that electric and magnetic fields are both generated and altered by each other. This revolutionary discovery led to a novel and unique branch of physics, named electrodynamics.

This course is suitable for graduate students who are familiar with the advanced calculus and the theory of electromagnetism. In this course, students will learn several important concepts in the Classical Electrodynamics, among the others, such as Green’s functions, boundary-value problems, multipoles expansions, electrostatic of macroscopic media, magnetostatics, time-varying fields, Maxwell’s equations, gauge transformations and covariant formulation of classical electromagnetism. This course excels students’ mathematical skills and helps them to understand electromagnetism deeply. Classical Electrodynamics, Classical Mechanics, Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics are strongly recommended to all graduate students in physics.

Classical Mechanics, Classical Electrodynamics, Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Physics are strongly recommended to all graduate students in physics.

Fundamentals of Physics for Engineers (PHY1124 – Undergraduate Course)

The modern science, in the current form, has been developed during last 400 years. It is impossible to learn these developments in science historically. Thus, they will be chosen selectively for your undergraduate programme by the faculty and your school. Fundamentals of Physics for Engineers (PHY1124) covers two important subjects in physics; classical mechanics, and electromagnetism. In this course, undergraduate students will learn the basic concept and formalism to describe the motion of objects. In particular, they study basic concepts of kinematics, reference frames, relative motion, Newton’s laws of motion, forces, and the concepts of work, energy and power. Furthermore, they learn fundamentals of electrostatics, such as Coulomb and Gauss’ laws, and magnetostatics (Bio-Savart).

This course is intended for undergraduate students in electrical and computer engineering.