Alessio D’Errico

Alessio D’Errico obtained his bachelor and master degrees in Physics at University of Naples, Federico II, specializing in physics of matter and optics. He started a PhD in the same University under the supervision of Professor Lorenzo Marrucci, coordinator of the SLAM group (physics of Structured Light and Matter). His research was focused on the study of structured light for both classical and quantum applications. The main interest was the manipulation of light’s degree of freedom to implement processes known as quantum walks. These platforms allow to investigate the physics of interesting phenomena, like particle evolution in topological insulators in a versatile and controllable setting. In particular, Alessio’s research was also focused on applying methods for bulk measurements of the topological invariants that characterize one and two-dimensional insulators. Other topics of interest have been the investigation of topological singularities in vector beams and the development of holographic techniques for retrieving the orbital angular momentum spectrum of a laser beam. After a six months postdoc in Naples, where he completed studies on topological invariant measurements in quantum walks, Alessio started a new postdoc in the SQO group, in Ottawa.


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Conference Proceedings:

  • Alessio D’Errico, Filippo Cardano, “Retrieving the OAM spectrum and the spatial distribution of the structured optical fields,” Proc. SPIE 10935, Complex Light and Optical Forces XIII, 109350J (1 March 2019)

Patent applications:

  • Apparato per la simulazione fotonica bidimensionale mediante lamine a fase di Pancharatnam-Berry
    F. Cardano, A. D’Errico, B. Piccirillo, L. Marrucci, Patent Application (IT 102018000005705)