Lukas Scarfe

Lukas earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics with Coop in 2022 from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. There he studied a wide range of physics topics such as semiconductor physics, optics, and nuclear physics, with emphasis on their applications. During his undergrad, he worked with Dr. Luican-Mayer and Dr. Ménard at the University of Ottawa, aiding in designing and automating experiments to probe the physics of low-dimensional semiconductors. After taking courses in quantum information and quantum computation as well as optics, he decided to pursue graduate studies in the field of quantum optics in the hope of being able to learn more about these subjects. He joined the SQO group in the Fall of 2022 and hopes to contribute meaningfully in future QKD experiments. When not studying or working Lukas enjoys playing video games, learning about geography and history, as well as doing small engineering projects


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