aliciaWith dreams set for the stars, Alicia is currently pursuing her BSc in physics and mathematics at the University of Ottawa so that she will one day obtain her PhD in astrophysics. Her interest in space and the workings of the universe started early on from star gazing and observing the planets through her telescope.

Despite now doing research in quantum photonics, Alicia started her research career in Dr. Paul Mayer’s mass spectrometry lab before starting university – thanks to the Undergraduate Research Scholarship. She assisted in studying the energetic and entropic behaviours of organic gas phase ions found in the interstellar medium known as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) through their distinctive dissociation pathways. During her two and a half years as the resident lab physicist, she has had the opportunity to learn the ways of a particularly old and cranky mass spec instrument, the VG-ZAB, doing ion chemistry and ion spectroscopy; as well as speak at several conferences, co-author two papers, and travel to the Swiss Light Source.

Alicia enjoys playing video games, writing novels, and drawing (both real and digital) when she isn’t studying the strange world of physics.


Alicia Sit,
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